Focusing on Focus

I liken my brain to the tabs on my browser. There’s plenty. My Husband wonders why I have so many open, and if I’m honest each tab is important to me. Is there anyone else like me? Team multiple tabs unite!  I’ll search for one thing and later see I have lost focus and searched for many other things. If your life is anything like mine – which I am sure it is- it’s busy and unpredictable at times. So many things demand our attention, and after a while, this juggling act becomes organized chaos. I’m not a fan of the “good enough” principle and believe we can learn to focus on a specific situation for a specific amount of time.

Here are a few tips on how to have a more intentionally focused time.

MAKE A LIST (Pictured: Goals)

First, determine what you have to do. I think it’s a great idea to keep a short list of about 3-5 things. I like to feel as though I’ve accomplished a lot, plus it’s easier to focus when there are fewer things on your plate. I know 3-5 things doesn’t seem like much, but trust me it’s more than enough. Your brain will thank you later.

An example of my list

TAKE NOTES (Pictured: Randoms)

While I focus on a particular task, the most random things take up space in my mind; things I need to accomplish or situations that happened during the day. I have found it helpful to create a list of those random things that come to mind. Don’t be ashamed of your list. If I’m honest, I have ridiculous things too. Once I complete my intended goal, I review my random list, complete any important tasks, laugh at the rest of the list and throw it away. 


We must celebrate the small things. Whether you accomplish one thing on your goals list or all five, it’s worthy of celebration. As I stated earlier, life is busy and unpredictable and because of that, we should extend much more grace to ourselves. So what if you didn’t read the book or take out the trash be thankful for the discernment to know what’s important to your heart. The book can wait and so can the trash. Celebrate!

I hope this is a huge help to you as it has been for me. What do you do to stay focused?

Oh, in case you’re wondering, I have a whopping five tabs open. 😉





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