Share – Even When it Hurts


I dislike it. I dislike the struggle we face in this life – some we bring upon ourselves and others from outside circumstances. Not wanting to do the wrong things yet still managing to do them is a struggle that grieves me. It pains me because of its ability to leave us bound to shame and secrecy.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems we dare not share the struggle, the distress, the ugly or at least not the real deal. You know, the truth that can set someone’s heart free, even ours. I’m not the social media police, but social media doesn’t help. We post our “perfect” pictures at the right angles in the best lighting – we showcase our very best. Funny thing is we don’t just do it on social media, but in our community with our friends and even with God. I don’t know why. In fact, I think our reasons vary from person to person. I’m not saying we should broadcast all of our junk, but we should definitely use wisdom.

Be Bold. Share those wrongs with the Lord. He cares for you and wants to set your heart free. Share with friends, the ones who have your best in mind.

Transparent moment. I’ve been bound and I know the beauty of sharing. It actually has the reverse effect. The air is clear, we’ll have people to support us and we begin to change – for the better. The truth is, it hurts worse to keep it inside, so share even if it hurts!

Be blessed!



7 thoughts on “Share – Even When it Hurts

  1. What a good reminder! Society seems to delight in reminding us that we should appear happy and struggle-free. And keeping that mask on just hurts. You’re so right about opening up and sharing with God and trusted people. I think God does so much in our lives through the people we encounter every day.


  2. The points you raise are so important. There’s so little space to enjoy the freedom of just ‘being’, of not having to be a certain thing….and it’s so liberating to move away from all of that. Loved your post. Loved the way you wrote it. Helen {A FMF friend}


  3. I agree, we need to share who we really are with God and with people we trust. Sometimes we think we’re protecting ourselves by hiding things but actually it just hurts us more and, although it is scary, sharing leads to freedom.


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