Hi! My name is Vittoria and contrary to most I actually know how to spell my name. So, yes it’s Vittoria with two t’s and no c. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’m asked if I’m sure how to spell my name. Imagine that!


I grew up an only child to a single parent away from extended family. I may or may not have had an imaginary friend. As a child I hoped to be able to experience the joys of family (Husband, Wife, Children) and by God’s grace my hope is fulfilled. I am married to an awesome guy who is currently peering over my shoulder because there’s no such thing as a stalker Husband, or Wife for that matter. Peer on, Babe! We have been blessed with a son who at the very thought makes my heart explode with a love so deep that words couldn’t explain.

So why Painting August?

Painting I’m uncomfortable with creativity mainly because I never thought I was creative until recently. However over the past year I’ve been obsessed with becoming un-uncomfortable (Yes, I’m making up words) with creating on both a literal canvas and a figurative canvas (life).

August In the month of August, in different years might I add, I met my Husband, we got engaged and had a son. Every August for the past five years have brought a new, sweet, precious experience for me.

I started painting August 2010 when I met my Husband and I invite you join me on the journey as I create new memories, grow as a wife and mom and learn to allow myself to be creative. I’d love for our paint brushes to impact the canvas of our lives. Let’s connect!


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